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    Problem motherboard DQ45EK - no display output during BIOS boot


      Since a few days when I start my computer the display doesn't show anything during the BIOS is running. The display keeps dark. Only when Windows is started the display will be activate and I can work with it as before.

      That means, I've no possibility to enter a visible BIOS and change anything (press F2 and so on...) .

      I didn't change anything on the system before (no hardware changes, no BIOS updates, no software changes...). What I did, after this problem occurs, was to remove the lithiium battery from the board for abt. 15min... but no effect, except, the RTC was reset.


      What's my problem?

      Thanks in advance for any solution advices!




      PS: Don't know the BIOS version, but bought the board in April 2010 from a german electronics distributor.