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    Two Worlds 1, major graphics problem (HD 3000) - Fixed!


      There is a game breaking problem with the game Two worlds 1 and intel hd 3000. I have tried drivers 2361 and 2509 but the problem remains. It is that entire objects are note rendered and are invisible. Objects like rocks, mountains, caves, animals... I get prompts in game saying me I am near a door, or an animal, but can see only an empty landscape (the terrain is rendered fine).


      If I lower the draw distance to minimum, then I can see some of the objects, but they disapear if I get near them.


      Hope this will be corrected in the next intel drivers...


      Thank you.



      Update: The latest drivers from intel (2622) seems to have corrected the problem! No more invisible objects and everything works smoothly. Also the esc crash in mass effect 1 and 2 also have been corrected. Thank you Intel. But problems persists in mercenaries 2 though.