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    Need Help Connecting via HDMI to Sharp Aquos LC-60E69U via Intel HD Graphics 3000


      Hello all!


      I'm having a heck of a time with this.  I am trying to use the mini HDMI out on my Dell Latitude E6320 to connect to my Sharp Aquos LC-60E69U LCD television.  Bottom line, the computer is not recognizing the TV - not sure if it is an EDID problem or what!  


      Operating System - Windows XP service pack 3

      It lists the Intel HD Graphics 3000 as the Processor Graphics in Use

      Video BIOS is 2089.11


      I started with the following article/page to resolve the issue:



      When I pull up the Graphics and Media Control Panel, I get the image in step 6 Figure 3.  However, I have no option in the dropdown for Television...and therefore I cannot change the settings accordingly.


      • I updated the Intel Video driver
      • Reconnected and powered on in sequence
      • Booted up ro review the BIOS and found no alternative settings for display
      • Looked do deselect the "mirror" option for display, but was not able to clearly identify that.  I did verify that I only have one monitor selected - teh screen is the default.  At work I do not run the monitors in paralell...so I don't believe that this is the issue either.


      Thinking that the television may not be sending the EDID correctly, I searched on Sharp's website for an updated driver for the TV - but none were available.


      I searched for and found some updates available for the computer - two for the BIOS and two Video.  I will go ahead and install them anyway if I can as I received the computer in September and these are dated November 2011.



      Can anyone offer any other solutions???  i found a few EDID check and mod sites...but I don't know that I have the skills to go quite that far.



      Please help!