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    Have issues with Centrino 6230 Wireless adapter been solved?


      I have recently purchased a Dell XPS 15 system with the Intel Advanced Centrino 6230-N + Bluetooth adapter and I noticed whern searching Intel's site for tech specs I can accross several discussions about issues with the card. I will be setting up a wireless network as my only viable option. I will have to establish the cable network base at my grandmothers house accross the street and hope that I will be able to pick up the signal at my house about 200ft away. Because of this constraint I had Dell install the best wireless card they could add to this system. I also intend to purchase the best wireless router (Cisco Linksys E4200 Dual-Band N with Gigabit, I was told) and Wireless network range extender to connect at my house to boost the signal. I have a good computer background and have experience setting an in-home wireless network before with Windows XP; but this is different, and I am in a different location. Due to certain constraints I am unable to setup any kind of internet support at my primary residence and that is why I am attempting this. I need to know if the issues concerning this adapter and network connectivity been resolved? Also I need to know If I will need to download any new firmware or drivers to make this card functional?

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          Actually, the 6300 had the longest range from the tests I saw. And I think 200ft would be pushing it, even with the best of the best. Hope there's not much in the way to hinder the signal.


          Since XP is old and dead you may need the drivers off this site, but if you use 7, you likely won't. As my thread and others posts may have hinted, Intel's drivers are problematic, but the ones 7 installs work fine.

          To set the router up you'll likely need to use the lan jack for the initial setup/firmware updates.

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            Thank you for your quick response. I know that I am pushing the range, but I have no choice; since there are no barriers (trees, and such) to hinder the signal I hope my chances are better. If this does not work I have one other option. The Ayrstone Ayrmesh wi-Fi system (www.ayrstone.com) for $350 is a possible solution. I do have a couple more questions though. Are you refering to Intel's 6300 Wireless adapter as opposed to the 6230? If that is the case Dell only has the 6230 as an option. As for the OS I will be using Windows 7, so I will use the default Windows drivers as you stated. As far as the router setup you're saying I should hard connect the laptop to the router for initial wireless setup and then disconnect, am I correct in that understanding?