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    S5000XVN Problems!! Help


      I get S5000XVN and dont have a power supply for server, have ATX power supply and need a Power signal connector this power supply dont have, i conect all and when turn on (without Power signal conector and Temp sensor) dont see nothing in my monitor and one led turn orange ins the first led in back panel down of the keyboard (the led of the triangle with exclamation mark).
      is necesary this connector

      Power Supply Signal Connector Pin-out (J9D1)
      Pin Signal Color
      1 SMB_CLK_ESB_FP_PWR_R Orange
      2 SMB_DAT_ESB_FP_PWR_R Black
      3 SMB_ALRT_3_ESB_R Red
      4 3.3 V SENSE- Yellow
      5 3.3 V SENSE+ Green
      and the temp sensor?
      have a form for make a replace of this?

      i use a atx case.