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    Failed SR1530CL (S5000VCL motherboard) blinks Status LED




      Does anybody know status LED blinking magic?


      When I plug power cord, my non-working SR1530CL is turning on single fan on the power unit (second one seems to be failed), turn on green status light, then turn it off, then turn it on with amber LED and then green LED is lighting, and amber LED is flashing 4 times, then only green LED continue to shine. No other leds including power are shining. When I eject RAM or CPU power plug, absolutely the same thing happens.


      That's pretty confusing because in the guide blinking amber LED is described as showing non-critical problems, i. e. I should be able to boot system. Any idea what exactly 4 blinks means? Do I need to buy new power unit or it's better to put the whole thing into trash because of motherboard failure?