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    DQ67EP with i7-2600 Processor Test Kill System



      Are there any other possibilities to run this test (Maybe with a boot CD). Becouse when I start on Windows after the "Screen Rotationg" windows "crash" and start with a reeboot !? (but no Information in the win logs !) So I have noch Information whats happend.

      What can I try ?

      Thank for help


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          Imagine Mei

          this sounds like another case of the HD Graphics driver being incompatible.  If this driver installs from either the windows update or from intel driver menus on line or the disk you end up with a blank screen after the windows logo.  I went through this last week on a setup with this board that had been running Win 8.  Spouse didn't like and wanted 7pro.  Reinstall and don't install the intel graphics driver and make sure windows update does not either--it will try to do so for windows7 pro.  For me it was easiest to boot up on the install disk and delete the partitions and reformat.  Had to install chipset driver, usb driver, and ethernet driver (the last before i could update)  let windows update do the rest except had to hide the intel graphics driver in windows update.so it would not install under auto update.