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    Inter Driver Utility Crashing



      I am trying to use the Intel Driver Utility Update to fix a problem with my computer (It blue screened yesterday and the Windows Solution said I am missing a RAID driver). Knowing little about computers, and the link provided by Windows Solution leading to a 'sorry this page does not exist' message from Intel, I thought I'd try the Driver Utility. I am running Windows Vista with IE9. However the Driver Update keeps repeatedly crashing the browser - I have googled and seen others report of this problem but no solution. I also tried the alternative option given of downloading the ActiveX/Java Installer, but this returns an error message saying 'A network error occurred while attempting to read the file' when trying to install. I have manually gone on to Java and updated my Java program, but this has made no difference.

      Any help with 1) making the Driver Utility work and 2) fixing the missing RAID driver problem would be appreciated!


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          I am having similar problems running the Driver Update Utility on a 32-bit laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium. A workaround for me has been to install the Firefox browser and run the Utility from within Firefox in which case it works perfectly. My suspicion at the moment is that the problem is associated with people running Internet Explorer 9 on a 32-bit machine with either 32-bit Vista or Windows 7 installed. But I would agree with previous reports that the problem may be a bug in the software used in the Utility, for this particular combination of operating systems and type of PC used.


          For the record, I do have a 64-bit desktop running Windows 7 Home Premium and have no problem running the Utility either with 32-bit or 64-bit Internet Explorer 9.


          Perhaps we shall just have to wait for the bug to be fixed (I have run out of ideas where the settings in Internet Explorer 9 are concerned).


          Update on the above. Problem solved (albeit for a 32-bit system). Go to Tools-Internet Options-Advanced in Internet Explorer 9 and select the box at the top 'use software rendering instead of GPU rendering'. Click OK and exit from Internet Explorer (a restart of Internet Explorer 9 is required). Then start up Internet Explorer 9 and navigate to the Intel Driver Update Utility. Start the Utility and hopefully it should work! Note that I have not found this necessary for a 64-bit system with Internet Explorer 9 and so it may be a function of the graphics card used in presumably older, 32-bit systems. Needless to say this a very simple workaround for the problem if you prefer to use Internet Explorer 9 with the Intel Driver Utility. Give it a try and let me know if it works.

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            What really happen before the blue screen?

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              Hi Weltonboy, thanks for that work around for IE9, it worked and I was able to run the Intel Driver Update Utility.

              However - it didn't show up anything, and my computer is now barely functioning and continuing to come up with an error message telling me my RAID controller (Intel Matrix Storage Manager) is missing a driver - this seems to be what is causing the blue screen crashes and multiple freezes! Any ideas on how to fix this?