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    Computer freezes up when installing drivers for 82566DC




      I'm using Windows 7 and I'm having problems with my 82566DC Gigabit Network Connection.

      My computer can't load the drivers.

      I have tried to uninstall this device (with and without deleting the driver software) but when I restart my computer and it tries to (re)install the drivers my system stops working and the only thing I can do is use the power button to reboot my computer.

      When I return to the device manager after the uninstall and reboot the device reappears including the driver (version

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          You've not mentioned which motherboard you have but if its an Intel branded motherboard you should have an option in your motherboards BIOS settings (accessible by repeatedly pressing F2 at the initial stages of booting - when displayed on screen by default) to turn off the Ethernet/Network hardware on the board. If you switch this off here and save that setting change as you exit the BIOS setup you won't have the drivers attempting to reinstall when you next boot Windows. Your motherboard manual should tell you moore about how to turn off the network hardware.


          Similarly, the motherboard manufacturers should have all the correct drivers for your motherboard available for download on their website. If it's an Intel 'chipset' based motherboard, make sure the chipset drivers are the first to be installed after the OS and all its patches/service packs or there may be problems as a result!