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    Star Wars: The Old Republic - Intel HD 3000


      After searching the internet high and low I could find nothing about how well the HD 3000 will run SWToR. So I took the risk and bought the game.


      I am running :-


      Intel i5 2410M

      Intel HD3000 (driver .2509)

      6GB Memory

      Win 7 64bit

      Native resof 1366x768


      I am overall happy with the performance. At mid settings (with no shadow or bloom) I am getting an average of 30fps and 20fps in busy/very intense areas. If I bump the game down to low settings the average fps goes up to 40 with a low of 25fps. I was was pleasently suprised by this as I am not a big gamer (this is my most recent PC game other than Civilization V).


      I do feel that new drivers wouldnt go a-miss however as there are some very minor rendering issues.


      I hope my experience helps someone.