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    DZ68DB - Continous reboot, no Welcome screen, no BIOS setup


      if i have a second monitor attached (via hdmi) i'm no longer see any welcome screen and messages (have 2 displays (Apple dvi-d single link & LG hdmi)), also cant use a post keys (f2/f10) to enter bios setup, boot menu etc., even to enter raid utility of softraid ad-in card (f4/ctrl+s), keys just dont work
      this mean i cant use a post keys, cant enter a setup, cant enter a boot menu, just cant see what happening with my system. only see as mobo goes cold reset continiously, because of your undone product even cant find any other hdds on system with empty softraid installed, in spite of correct settings in the BIOS (hdd first), and that mean my hdds goes to trash soon (too many shutdowns), and to boot i must disconnect second display to just see what happening. i cant understand that. it's about a year pass as product came to the market, and still no working solution released. what's wrong? in complex with other minor bugs and flaws, I find this product incomplete and not subject to release for sale. shame on you.


      my system:

      DZ68DB (BIOS 0032)
      16GB DDR3 Sammy
      IGD HD 3000
      Sil3132 SR card
      Apple Cinema HD display (1920x1200)

      LG TV (1920x1080)


      ps. i never seen such piece of crap like this mobo, it's about a year! omg... i think i never buy from intel anymore.