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    Get back working Matrix Storage



      My system is set up with 2 HD connected to port 0 and 1 on ICH10R, set up in RAID under Intel Matrix Storage.

      This raid includes 2 volumes, one RAID 0 for system and one RAID 1 for data.


      I accidently unconfigured RAID option in Bios setup (not in Storage Manager ROM). Obviously PC stopped booting.


      I set back Bios config to RAID but PC still does not boot.

      Matrix Storage Manager  ROM (Ctrl I) still have my parameters, volume number, type, size, but STATUS show Raid 0 is Failed and Raid 1 is Degraded. Raid 0 is no more Bootable.

      About physical disk, first HD Status is now Non-Raid Disk, yet second HD still got Status of Member Disk(0,1).


      Does anyone know how I could try to get back working that configuration ?

      Thanks a lot.

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          Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology (formerly Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager) does not provide recovery options for failed RAID 0 arrays.


          In this case the data on this volume is not longer available and cannot be recovered.


          Most likely the metadata on one of the discs was corrupted when the hard drive was initialized with no RAID mode enabled.


          At this point you may need to recreate the RAID 0, install the operating system on it and access the data on the RAID 1 once the new operating system installation  boots.

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            Thanks for your answer Diego.


            It's a pity there is no way to get back that false non member disk into the array as I am sure all data are still there.

            I could have try after that to rebuild MBR using system console...


            Anyway... thank you for answering.