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    DG41WV strange issue


      Hello All,


      I've just about given up all hope to figuring out my issue.  My network guys bought 6 machines that use this mobo and a WD Sata 3 HDD which I know is overkill.  The cpu is an E7500 along with 8GB DDR3 ram.  Everything loads fine with Windows 7 64 Professional but I've noticed horrible compile times with the Java compiler.  I compared this build with my Dell Inspiron laptop also with Windows 7 64 Professional - apples to apples.  The laptop has just 4GB ram and sports a unstellar T7500 cpu.  T7500 < E7500.  Yet, my laptop gets a consistent 2:45 compile time and nothing over 3:32.  The new machine averages 6:44 with times ranging from 1:11 to 16:07.  I've run every benchmark I know and the benchmarks show the new machine should be clobbering my laptop.  I've installed Windows 7 several times trying different combos and all get the same results.


      Is the issue with the motherboard?  It's using the latest BIOS and I see no issues in the event log or device manager.  At this point, my only option is send back all of the machines.