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    DZ68DB default memory voltage is too high


      Issues with new DZ68DB (bios 032) so far:


      - default memory voltage displayed as 1.500V in BIOS is reported as 1.57-1.58V in IDU. I don't know which display to trust more

      - after setting the memory voltage to 1.5V manually in BIOS,  IDU display 1.51V which suggests that default BIOS settings are lying !


      If BIOS settings in this sensitive area are lying, I'm not sure I can trust anything there. I DO NOT WANT TO OVERCLOCK!!! I WANT A STABLE SYSTEM!!


      Others have already figured that USB gets lost after some time, not to speak of the so-called BOOT-time improvements that also don't work or break other things (USB 3.0 or LAN)



      It seems this board also tends to forget BIOS settings when switched off for > 1 day . And yes, the battery is OK. Looks like a leak of some kind.


      Since I also have noticed that BIOS of this board hangs in EB during POST more than other Intel boards. I am wondering if this board should actually be refunded.