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    SR1690WB driver


      Hi to everybody,

      I've a system SR1690WBR (Main board S550WB with FUP BIOS60_BMC58_FRUSDR16 HSC 2.15).

      I've Raid 5 with 4 hdd (with axxraksw5) and iI try to install Windows Server 2008 R2 with driver ESRT2_Windows_v.14.05.0727.2011.zip (mb has only sata ctrl no sas ctrl).

      O.S. report no volume drive to install.

      I've already try:

      downgrade bios to v59

      install on raid 1 with only 2 hdd without axxraksw5

      I've try to change mb.

      I've try to use driver ESRT2_Windows_v.13.21.0614.2010


      Have you some suggestions?