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    DX58S02 - Slow network browsing


      I have recently built a new system using this board with an I7-980 and 24 GB of memory. I have plugged into a gigabit network, using  a Linksys E4200 router.


      I discovered that I had to install Windows 7 Ultimate (or pro) to see the entire 24 GB of memory, but all is well thus far other than network performance. If I browse to any share on my network (other Windows 7 PCs, Visa PCs or my ReadyNAS 600, the performance seen retrieving a list of files in a shared directory, or navigating the directory is very "chunky" and slow. Blocks of files appear and it takes a good 3 or 4 minutes to display a folder containing 35 folders and 200 or so files.


      Another machine I have (Dell running Windows 7 Home Premium) can perform the same task connected to the same router in < 10 seconds.


      I have confirmed that I have the latest drivers, and I have verified that the NIC is set to auto-negotiate, and is coming up as gigabit full duplex. I have overridden the "Auto" setting and hard coded it to Gigabit Full Duplex, but there is no difference.


      I have a total of 5 computers in this network running Visa or Windows 7, some with gigabit NICs some with 10/100 and none of them experience this same slow performance.


      Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be the problem, or what I could do to try to narrow down the issue?


      Thanks in advance