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    Install Problems like Office 2010 or .Net 4.0 on DQ67EP with Core i7-2600


      Hello Intel Communitie


      I have built two systems with the same configuration:


      Intel DQ67EP bulk, Q67 (B3) (Sockel-1155dual PC3-10667U DDR3) (BLKDQ67EPB3)
      Intel Core i7-2600, 4x 3.40GHz, boxed (BX80623I72600)
      Crucial DIMM 8GB PC3-10667U CL9 (DDR3-1333) (CT102464BA1339)
      OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS 120GB, 2.5", SATA 6Gb/s (VTX3MI-25SAT3-120G)


      First when I install Win7 64bit or WS2008R2 everythink looks OK. But when I try to install Office 2010 or .net 4.0 or VMWare Workstation 8 I got allways Error massages and the system reboots without any dump (bluescreen) information. Also when I tried to install the Hyper-V Rolle the system cannot start again. It always start again and again.


      I have tried different RAM, different SSD, and also an SATA Drive with no success. I am using the latest BIOS and Drivers what I fund on the Intel homepage. It looks like that there is maybe a problem with the Processor or any Driver for the Board.


      Its also interesting that when I move the system with vmware converter to an ESXi Host (Testsystem was the WS2008R2) I can install office 2010 or .net 4.0 without any Problem !!! ?????????

      So my Question to anybody out there is:


      Do you use a system like I have and (DQ67EP with Core i7-2600 with Win7 64bit or WS2008R2) have you installed Office 2010 or .net 4.0 on this system? If yes and it works pleas can you tell me your configuration because I don´t have any Ideas anymore what I can do or change.


      Thanks for Help