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    SSD's on Intel Raid Controller


      I set up my 2x Corsair SATA 6g SSD's and my 2x 2TB drives on my ew Intel Raid Controller card. After I set everything up it told me that "SSD Caching" (or something like that) was available one the following drives but they weren't listed so I couldn't enable that option. Is there some other to do it via software or the controller BIOS?

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          There is a new technology that works with Intel® Rapid Storage Technology that is named Intel® Smart Response Technology.


          This technology allows any Solid-state drive to work as cache of a hard drive or even two hard drives working in RAID.


          As far as I know the Intel® Smart Response Technology allows the “SSD caching” if you set an stand alone Solid-state drive with one or more hard drives, I don’t know if the setup you have would allow that, the Intel® Smart Response Technology needs that the chipset of the board is an “Z68”


          In any case the people that provide the support for that are at:



          Try asking there!

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            Given the SSDs you have, you don't really want or need the SSD caching feature enabled. It is meant to be used with a small capacity SSD and a large HDD, and while it works it is not as fast as having your OS installed on a SSD.