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    Volume keeps resetting to unavailable in RST


      I have a gigabyte GA- Z68XP-UD3P motherboard win F6 BIOS and Intel RST

      I have a Raid 0 array and an OCZ 64gb SSD.

      Every so often after booting into Win7 64 bit I get a message that the accelerated volume associated with the

      cache device is unaccessible but the status page says all drives are normal. The only way to fix it is to go

      into the Intel disk BIOS and make the SSD non-raid then reboot and run RST again to set up acceleration.

      I am seeing a message on the Manage Volume page for my Raid volume about "Blocks with media errors: 1"

      but I am not getting any Win7 errors indicating any disk troubles. I have write-back cache disabled for both

      my Raid array and the SSD.


      Obviously my RAID 0 array is available or I would not be able to boot and the Intel BIOS also says my

      Raid array is normal.


      Any ideas?

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          I suggest you to try to change the ports that are being used to connect the SATA devices on your system. Also make sure that the name of the main RAID 0 array is not similar to the array that is created when the system is accelerated.


          Further than this, check with your motherboard manufacturer to see if they have seen any conflicts with this configuration and their option ROM.