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    DX58SO2 motherboard problems


      Just bought a new computer with the DX58SO2 motherboard. I hooked it up and whenever I try starting it up, I get 3 beeps in sucsession, the K Led (dog fire) and the F (memory initialization) is lighting up.


      I unhooked all the spec's and tried only with the CPU running, without the case, and its still the same. The post code has also went from 83(consistent) to 71.



      ssd sata 120gb

      i7 960

      2xgeforce gtx 560

      corsair intel i7 12gb(4x3) ddr3 1600mhz cl9

      cooler master silent pro atx V12 2.3 850W


      I haven't gotten to install the drivers yet, the beeps are disturbing, but he computer doesn't shut down.