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    R1304 series - are they VMWare compatible ?


      As these systems are pretty new I would like to ask if anyone has a successful deployment of the R1304 server and VMWare ESXi 4.1. I was not able to find that information on the VMWare HCL. On the web page which invites you to the R1304 servers group there is a VMWare 4.1 and 5 certification sign and link to another page, but it is not directly stated that these servers are VMware compatible.


      What I am planning to do is to use two R1304 servers + another one for backup, all of them with no drives as I would like to start ESXi 4.1 hypervisor from the USB stick. I will have a Promise VESS iSCSI RAID NAS and I would like to run VMs from that storage. In case one of the servers fails,  I can move the VMs from the failed server to the backup one. Can I do that with R1304 series servers? I would like to do that as my three server will take no more than 400Watts alltogether so I do not need expansive UPS and the solution will be ECOgreen .