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    S3420GPLC startproblem




      Board: S3420GPLC

      CPU: i3-530

      RAM: 4*KVR1333D3E9S/2GI

      PSU: bgt p6-pro 430w  (ATX12V 2.2)


      After Boot up nothing happen. Just LEDs blinking an Beeps after press Power On Button as long as 5 sec.





      In the Userguide > 0xF2 O O O O X X O X Signal that the operating system has switched to virtual memory mode.


      What could be the problem?

      Is the PSU ATX12V ver to low?


      Second: the PSU runs if I press the PSU switch on the back. Thats not normal.


      As I read some things I should check:


      - Board BIOS ver (higher 40?)


      If it is to low where can I check it on the Board without start.