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    S5520SC Board-Memory increase-8GB original-8more GB not indicated.


      S5520SC MB. Two (2) years ago I built this computer for digital photography. Editing and printing. XP 64 Bit OS. I used the S5520SC MB and installed just 8GB memory. Dual XEON processors. This month, January 2012 I installed 8GB more. All the memory chips are the same.


      The computer, and of course the MB, have functioned perfectly except it is slow loading. Using PhotoShop Elements 7.


      But the BIOS and sysytem information shows just 8GB. Some discussions with others have me believing I need to update the BIOS but the avaiable downloads from Intel are confusing to me.


      BIOS S5522.

      Board pn E30682-303

      Serial Number QSHV92800089

      Crucial Memory (4 each) 2GB 240-PIN DIMM 256MX64

           DDR3PC# - 10600 UNBUFF



      Any guidance/input would be appreciated.

      Bob  AZ