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    Trouble with Memory for S3200SHV Server Board


      I have a couple of S3200SHV server boards running Server 2008R2. One has a Q9550 processor, the other a Xenon processor. Both boards have 8 GB of DDR2 800 MHz memory. I recently tried to update to ECC "server" memory, but the board will not start up (I can't even get to the BIOS) with them installed. The devices are Wintec Server Series DDR2 800 MHz, 2x2GB Reg ECC, stock number 3RST8006R9H-4GK. I have tried two separate sets of this memory, with the same effect (no boot).


      I believe that the board will accept this type of memory, based on my read of the specs. What am I missing here?


      Thanks for the help.