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    need to know

      first and formost happy new year

      iam egyptin doctor and want to know certain specific information about Core™ 2 Quad processor  but u may face problem that the meaning of my words may not be right as my english level and my technical infomation are not so much  i'd like to answer a quiz in  a

      computer magazine in egypt a nd i couldnot find the answer in intel site


      1-what is the number of video parts that Core™ 2 Quad  processor can save in parallel with

      performing othe tasks(26 -28-32-43)


      2-the processor need 5 minutes and 24seconds to do editing and publishing private film  (true or false)


      3-which is true about that processor (incresed velocity and decreased frecuency-incresed velocity and increased frecuency-incresed velocity and same frecuency)


      4-is it first or second 4 nuclear processor in the world?





      thanks alot