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    Intel 520 SSD for sale? When?


      A quick web search turns up a number of online vendors with the Intel 520 SSD listed as in stock. These listings actually started showing up early this week. But I have not seen a post from anyone who actually has an Intel 520 in hand.


      Are the Intel 520 SSDs available to buy yet? If not, what is the ETA? Are the stores lying about having them in stock, or are they truly in stock but embargoed by Intel until some later date?

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          So, now I see that some people who ordered Intel 520 SSDs have actually received them.


          Intel, what are you doing? Why do you send out 520 SSDs to sellers before you have even officially announced the product? That seems crazy.

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            Yeah, I'm afraid I have to agree.  Normally, I'm the biggest Intel fan, but this whole 520 SSD fiasco has really soured me of buying Intel any time soon.  I've been waiting since Nov 4th which is when it was supposed to be released (according to a leak...which was obviously not true at all).  But, Intel, you had to know that it was leaked, so why not comment on it.  Just put a press release on your site saying, "No, that was NOT true, it will not be released Nov. 4th".  But no, you remained silent and let the speculation grow.  And here we are in late January of 2012 and STILL no word from you??!!!!  Well, I went out and bought a Crucial m4 and I'm happy so I'm sticking with them.  My guess is the reason Intel isn't commenting on this new drive is b/c it's got tons of problems...so be forewarned all.... besides at the rate they're going I doubt it will be released ever.  Honestly Intel.....what a mess.  I  can't believe I waited for this thing.  And it's not even a good drive.  There are tons better out there.  Crucial, Kingston, etc... 

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              Not to mention that it’s based on a SF controller that has been deployed in SSD’s that have been available on the market for over 1 year.  I’m really disappointed that this is not an Intel controller. What the beep. Have the SSD engineers been on a sabbatical for the last three years?

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                I don't know about "over one year". I think the Sandforce SF2281-based SSDs started selling in March 2011.


                So if Intel releases the 520 in February 2012, what they will have is basically just a (hopefully) debugged SF2281 SSD coming to market about 11 months after the main competition.


                And it appears Intel did not even include power-loss-protection capacitors in the 520 as they did in the 320. So the 520 is really just exactly like all the other SF2281 SSDs on the market, with the possible exception that Intel might (MIGHT) have done more debugging than the others. I'll believe the debugging when we see no reports of BSODs after 3 months on the market (Intel certainly did not do a great job of debugging the 320). And since Intel is using IMFT flash, the 520 will be slower than similar SSDs with the SF2281 that use toggle flash, or Marvell-based SSDs that use toggle flash (like the Plextor M2P or Corsair Performance Pro)

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                  There is one big differentiator…..it’s a lot more expensive than alternative drives with the same controller but faster nand. Sorry Intel to hit below the belt. Think of this like a call to arms.

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                    How do you know what the 520 price will be? There are only a few online stores currently selling the 520 now (and none of the large online stores have them yet), so I do not think the prices we are seeing now are representative of what the price will be once the 520 is officially announced.


                    But I will make one prediction about the price. The 520 is unlikely to cost LESS than comparable SF2281-based SSDs from OCZ, Kingston, or Corsair.

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                      Price gouging is always a possibility, but the price premium is quite big on any of the sites I can find the 520. As an example:


                      £211.06 Intel 520


                      £136.54 Vertex 3

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                        It would be nice if Intel would publish the MTBF resulting in a file system corruption event and perhaps compare that to what could be expected with the standard SF firmware.  (Not UBER, but an event that results in a file system corruption due to the way the controller manages data).

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                          Correction: Crucial M4's suck too! Wow, sorry guys but we have all been fooled.  The truth is SSD technology is a joke.  This is the second SSD drive I've had in 2 weeks that has failed.  You can't tell me that I was just unlucky.  Especially not with thousands of stories just like mine on the internet.  Who are all these people who leave reviews on sites that say SSDs are sooooo much faster and they've NEVER had a problem?? Honestly, I think these manufacturers have just paid their marketing departments to go out and write fake reviews and testimonials to try to fool all of us into believing this hype.  For anybody out there considering buying an SSD, don't risk it. You WILL regret it. And they're not that much faster anyway.  All a bunch of BS if you ask me.

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