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    DP55KG Issues with SATA 2.5tb


      I've had the DP55KG mobo for over a year and with no real problems.  I just puchased a WD 2.5tb extra drive to be used for data backup).  I am running 2 internal 500gb HDs for boot and boot backup, and 4 docked SATA drives (largest is 1tb) to the onboard SATA ports, all with no problems.  I have tried multple methods (reformatting, reallocating, doing both on several computers) to get the 2.5tb HD to show more than 280gb with no luck. My system is Win7-64, with bios updated t5o KGIBX10J.86A.5924.2011.0223.0145.  I've enabled EUIF boot.  Before enabling EUIF, the HD was recognized as a 280gb drive.  Afterward, it is seen as "Not Intialized" and attempts to initialize thru Disk Manager return error "Drive Not Ready".  So in short, is this drive useless with this board as a docked HD, or am I missing something obvious?  It's hard to understand why a fairly recent board and windows can't recognize a 2.5tb drive, since large capacity drives are getting much more common and cost-effective.  Seems silly to buy only 2tb HDs just because of something that should seem to be workable.

      Can anyone help.  Thanks.