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    harddisks louder when not working (in rapidstorage raid)


      i have 4x 3tb western digital disks in an raid5 array on an h67 board.

      the rapidstorage system tells me the disks are fine and read and write are done correctly (checked with fastcopy).

      but whats strange is that the disks are nearly silent when in use, for example reading writing from my input or initializing the raid array (which takes damned long)


      but when NOT in use, the disks make quite audible knick and knack sounds, like most samsung/seagate drives do when they are working.


      can anybody tell me if there is a good reason for that?


      i actually have the same problem with an external raid enclosure an and western digital drives, though there the sound is more like once every minute a strong "klarck!". also when not in use.


      i still have to test both systems with not WD drives...



      i already started selling many of my WD drives because i read that they often have problems in raid systems... but that probem shouldnt make such sounds.


      thanks a lot in advance