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    When only one USB device periodically disappears


      I have an older USB headset mic that sometimes doesn't show up in Windows until it's replugged--and even then, it can go out again randomly, even right in the middle of using it.


      The motherboard USB port doesn't matter, since I've tried several, and I know the mic is good since until recently I'd long used it on an older system. The driver is N/A, since there's only one: the one that comes with Windows. The only possibly relevant BIOS setting I can see is USB Legacy, but after reading up on it I see that it's also N/A, since it pertains to pre-OS USB use and is disabled once the OS loads.


      Is this any kind of recurring problem for anyone here, or have I just hit upon a device that for whatever reason is peculiar on this particular board? I did find one older thread about someone having a similar problem on ITX, not ATX, but I'm using ATX and the thread didn't resolve anyway.



      I should mention that I am using W7 x64 now vs x86 before, but as mentioned, it's the system-supplied driver (in both cases). All system software is current, and I used the latest chipset drivers when installing W7 about a month ago.



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          I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with your USB headset.


          You are are correct regarding the USB drives, they are Windows* generic ones and they usually will work with no problems. In this case, it seems to me that it could be related tot he driver of the headset. Any USB device that you connect to the system, needs to load an specific driver, usually it is storage on the device itself. If that driver is not compatible with your new operating system or hardware, it may not work properly and can cause the behavior that you are experiencing.


          I will also like to confirm that there are no options on the motherboard BIOS that may help you with this problem, but I do recommend you to contact the manufacturer of the headset and ask if they have similar reports or if they have an updated driver that may help you with the problem.





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            Hi. That won't be possible, since the company has moved on from making headsets, and even when they were, they always relied upon MS to supply drivers.


            I see that's it's using drmk.sys, ksthunk.sys, postcls.sys, usbaudio.sys, and a couple dlls.