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    No audio - Please help


      Please help. I'm new to this forum - and am in need of advise, thank you.

      Recently a sound card was removed from my PC, which left me w/no audio. My device manager claims that everything is working fine.

      I have a DG33TL board

      Windows 7 ultimate w/SP1, (version 6.1.7601) 64-bit

      2 quad CPU 2 core 8400@2.66ghz (4 cores)

      8 gb DDR2 synchronous.


      My tool tray has a red X next to the speaker.

      Right clicking the X and troubleshooting the issue I get: Problem Found - Hardware Issues Might Not Have Been Detected

      Clicking the "Playback Devices" I get: No Audio Devices Are Installed.


      In my "services.msc" the following are all turned on and automatic:

      Windows Audio Service


      Multimedia Class Scheduler

      Plug & Play

      Audio Endpoint Builder



      I have also attempted to download Intel's IDT*92XX driver:

      While the wizard is configuring the IDT hardware, this box drops:

      The Hardware Detected Is Not Supported By This Software Package. The Install Will Be Aborted.


      Where is my Sound, Video, and Game Controllers Icon.gif


      Where is my "Sound, Video, and Game Controllers" icon?

      Am I overlooking something or am I going to have to reinstall another sound card?


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