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    DH55HC motherboard problem with power



      I have a DH55HC motherboard with a Intel Dual core processor with 1GB RAM

      The OS installed in Linux kernel version 2.6.33.

      The PC gets powered off after running for some time , may be for a day or two. Also the PC power off occurs more when the PC gets rebooted continuously with a software watchdog ( just issuing a reboot command when application crashes).

      Also In the BIOS the Power State is set to Last or Previous state.

      Could Intel team help in debugging this problem?

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          If the system restarts and shuts down by its own, issue could be due to: power supply, corrupted BIOS, memory, motherboard, or processor.


          Due to this, you may want to:


          - Test another known working power supply.


          - Perform a BIOS Recovery to discard a BIOS corruption. Instructions can be found at: http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-023360.htm


          -  Confirm the memory is fully compatible with your processor. All processors with a memory controller support memory running at 1.5V. Also, the speed supported is something dependent on the processor model number. You can find the speeds supported when searching your processor model at: http://ark.intel.com/


          - If the memory is not compatible, you may want to test compatible memory. If compatible, or if testing compatible memory does not solve your issue, you can: Test the system booting with only one memory stick at a time on each of the slots. This way, you will be able to look for either defective memory modules or defective memory slots on the motherboard.


          - Test your processor:

            1. You can run the Intel® Processor Identification Utility in order to properly identify your processor: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?DwnldID=7838


          2. Run the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool to verify your processor’s functionality. This download can be found here: http://www.intel.com/support/processors/sb/CS-031726.htm


          This troubleshooting should help you narrowing down the problem. If issue is not fixed, feel free to contact the Technical Support Department for further troubleshooting/warranty assistance: http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/contact/phone