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    black screen after installing the intel svga driver


      well about 3 days ago i bought a 4gb kingston ram ( KVR1333D3N9/4G ), i placed it

      in the mobo but when i boot it up, after the windows 7 logo (starting windows) it goes black.
      at first it showed the mouse but then it went into bluescreen (im talking about the first time i booted it after adding the ram), once it restarted it asked me to
      repair windows (recommended) or start windows normally, i selected start windows normally and after the starting windows screen it goes black and reboots.
      i thought it was a ram problem, i switched its slot. removed the other ram i had, etc. then i checked the bios and it did read it but the problem still occured. so i decided to format my drive,
      once i installed windows everything was ok(without the intel graphic drive). i rebooted to see if the problem occured but everything worked. once i installed the intel svga driver and rebooted, the same problem ocurred.
      i thought it was a messed up ram, so i took it back to the store to get a new 1 and they told me nothing was wrong with the ram, i explained the problem to them so they gave me a new 1.
      then i tried the same thing as before and it still didnt work. then i tried with the latest version of intel hd 2000/3000 graphic driver after i reformattedand the same problem occured. i also tried it in windows 32bit and the same thing occured. so im guessing its the intel graphic problem.
      when i put my other ram alone everything works fine, (kingston 2gb KVR1333D3S8N9/2G) but when i use it with the new ram alone or both connected i get the blackscreen
      ps: the bios is an uptodate version A.C(latest) i also checked if the was a memory error with the windows memory check and none appeared
      motherboard: msi h61mu-e35 (b3)
      processor: intel i3-2100
      monitor: envision EN-710e (old tube monitor)
      1024x768 (recommended)
      color depth: 32bit
      refresh rate 85 Hz
      please help me i paid alot for it due to were i live