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    Just purchased a 160GB series 320 SSD. What to do to install it properly?


      I would like a clear and concise tutorial of what to do to install the Windows 7 Home 64-bit OS and how to use

      a. the Installation ToolboxlBox.

      b. The Migration Software   and

      c. the firmware update.

      I viewed the videos offered in this site about the Intel Lab. I still need a written tutorial that someone with little technical knowledge like me could follow and make everything work as it should. Could anyone list in a point blank form as in Steps 1. 2. 3 what needs to be done to get the SSD operating properly?


      I understand that Windows 7 automatically deals with the T.R.I.M so nothing needs to be done. How about the AHCI setting ,is it necessary to do anything with Windows 7 Home 64-bit?  If so...  how do I do that?


      How do I know if the Random Read and Write speeds are what they should be? Without having updated anything and using the Crystal Disk Mark Benchmark software my readings are

      (on 1000Mb on the 149GB usable space out of the formal 160GB)

                                                          Read Mb/s                          Write Mb/s

      Seq                                                  221.1                                   172.5

      512K                                                123.6                                   167.8

      4K                                                     18.78                                   36.45

      4K QD32                                            20.49                                   56.70


      I would appreciate knowledgeable persons to point me in the right direction regarding instructions to be followed to achieve a correct installation.

      Tutorial and explanations would be very helpful to me.


      Thank you kindly