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    Move RAID SATA 3Gb/s to 6Gb/s


      Using a newly purchased DZ68BC board with a SATA 6GB/s 1 TB HD and a 64 GB 6GB/s SSD as a cache. I was having a difficult time setting the raid up and getting the cache to work properly on the 6GB/s (Dark Blue) ports .


      I Switched both drives over to the 3 GB/s (Black) and (after multilple trys) finally got it to work; Accelerated with Win 7 64 bit, all is OK.


      My question is now that I have the system up and running, can I switch the drives over to the 6GB/s ports? I ask because I am almost certain I was missing a step or a driver while initially installing on the Dark Blue ports. Will I have any issues simply changing the cables to the 6 GB/s? Do I have to change anything i the BIOS? In Win 7?


      I purchased these components with the hopes of running at the top available performance, now I feel I may have wasted a few $ going for the 'faster' drives?


      Any kind of insight would be helpfull.

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          Most SDDs need a SATA 6GB/s connection to reach their maximum speed. Why was it difficult to gets things working on the SATA 6GB/s ports?


          My Crucial m4 SSD runs fine on my DZ68BC, but I am not using it as a cache. Did you install the latest revision of the Intel Rapid Storage Driver, v10.8.0.1003 at the moment (2012-1-18). For some reason the driver download page of the DZ68BC lists an older revision, but other Intel download pages provide the link. You can also double check if your board has the latest BIOS revision. I would assume that just moving the cables will do the trick. Other thinks I can think of are: bad sata cable, check for newer SDD firmware revision.

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            vbaderks, thank you for the prompt answer to my query. I bit the bullet and made the SSD a boot drive using my TB drive for data. Probably the best solution. Both work perfectly on the 6 Gb/s bus. I really didnt think there would be enough room on the 64 gig SSD for the OS and assorted programs - however I was mistaken. Plenty of room remaining after Win7 install.