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    Intel DX79SI problems all the way !!!


      Hi dear Intel,

      I can't believe how a company like your can make such a poor product compared to all other brands, even the low ones.

      1St installing windows in raid is a pain in the a@@.

      After installing it, lost 2 whole days to figure out how, intel extreme utility is not working and trying to install it it's blue screening right now, saying system not ACPI compatible WTF ?!?

      In achi mode it can be installed.

      How the hell you made a product which cannot overclock stable, poor performance wise and not compatible with your own utilities ?

      In other tread another user is complaining about usb3/LAN driver is not compatible too.

      Is' your highest class of product line...what a shame.


      Not to say how angry i'm with your TRIM support in raid, and i sold my first g1 SSD , becouse you promised with g2 it'll work in raid after some drivers, now 2 years later you done nothing.

      Thank you....

      It's a shame to have such a good CPU's and so bad SW and Hw support for them and all other devices.