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    Bizzare DZ68ZV Behaviour


      Hey all, just purchased a new DZ68ZV and intend to operate it using a PCI-Express graphics card (NVidia GT430 to be exact). When I put the PCI express card in one of the slots and boot, I get two beeps, which I found out means it can't detect the graphics card. This happens with another graphics card i have lying around.


      The funny thing is, i went to put an old PCI graphics card in (just to test), and it booted fine. Then as a test, i put in both the old PCI graphics card as well as my new PCI Express card at the same time, and it booted! The display came out to the PCI Express graphics card.


      If i remove this old PCI graphics card, the PC won't boot, does this mean that I'm stuck leaving this in there just so that the main card will work? Anyone else seen anything like this?


      Thanks in advance for your help!

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          Ive see the behavior that you are experiencing when there is a compatibility problem with the graphics card installed. Sometimes adding another card will slow down the POST sequence and allow other cards to be recognized properly.


          At this time I recommend you to look in BIOS for the expancion card text option and change it to see if it will improve your video card recognition.


          Please note that it is recommended that you have the latest BIOS on the motherboard and latest firmware on the video card.





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            Hi Victor,


            Thank you very much for your reply, your explanation makes sense. I have upgraded to the latest BIOS, and since this upgrade the graphics card is now being detected properly with no problems.


            Thanks again for your help!