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    DH67GD bios 0146


      I have updated my DH67GD board from BIOS version 0132 to 0146 using express bios update. After restart I tried to follow the second step (recovery update) first from CD-ROM and later from USB thumb drive (FAT 32 and 16) but without any result, the CD-ROM start and stops without read something, the USB blink the led but don't works. I clear the CMOS and I tried again using several usb port, bootable/nonbutable USB drive, CD-ROM, but I stil can not proceed to the second step of BIOS update. My computer is working and theME Firmware is updated to, but I have done only the half of the update. My configuration is I7 2600, 2x2 Gb DDR3, GTX 550 Ti, OCZ SSD 128 Gb SATA 3, WD 750 Gb SATA 3. What should I do in order have BIOS update complete ?!

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          Is there any text displayed on the screen during the recovery process?

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            No, during the recovery update display is not working.

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              Then you may be facing the black screen issue discussed at http://communities.intel.com/thread/27408. You may change the jumper position to 2-3 to enter configure mode.

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                I am facing the same black screen issue only in recovery mode so I can't finish the update step 2 on my DH67CF.

                What do you do next after entering the configuration mode? I am able to enter that mode and reset everything, and tried to do a recovery mode to update the BIOS, but it still shows black screen on recovery mode. I can boot up fine in normal mode.

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                  You may press F9 to restore the factory default settings after entering config. mode. Save the restored settings, then shutdown the computer. Plug a USB flashdrive that contains the BIO file and remove the jumper. Power on the computer and it should be "recovering" the BIOS with progress displayed on screen.

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                    If I connect the bios jumpers to reset mode, it actually asks me if I takes me to another menu which has an option to erase the password. I tried that and also restore to default and shutdown, then pulled out the jumper and tried to go into recovery mode. But nothing comes up on the screen.

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                      Just wonder--if no CD or USB is inserted, and power on the computer without the jumper, is there any warning message displayed?

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                        No, nothing shows up. Did yours work? Maybe I'm having a different problem because I have a DH67CF. Man, I really hate these intel boards.

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                          My board was updated successfully. It's a DH67BL. I believe that the second part of the 0146 update is to update the ME firmware to enable support to Ivy Bridge processors. If your computer works after part 1 is finished, you may keep it at the current state for the moment, and contact Intel technical support for further assistance. Since so many people are affected, I think Intel is aware of the issue...

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                            I have try also to restore bios to default seting in configuration mode, my computer work find, but still can not proceed with second step of bios update. I don't know what to do, this is the third consecutive wrong BIOS developed by Intel.

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                              G550 wrote:

                              this is the third consecutive wrong BIOS developed by Intel.

                              Have you tried shutting down, removing the graphics card (and anything else surplus to actually booting the computer such as other cards plugged into the motherboard and USB devices other than a basic keyboard and mouse) and having another go? Alot (but not all) of the people who've had no problems have had no graphics card plugged in (just using onboard graphics) and the fundamental rule of PC troubleshooting should apply here ie if it doesn't work, simplify things as much as possible and try again. This also means any custom BIOS settings should be reverted to default values and saved there.


                              As there are so many possibilities for add-on components with a motherboard, it's not possible to take account of every possible combination when they're coming up with the flash file so you minimise your risk of things going wrong by getting your PC to as close as possible to 'Intel default' before starting. Yes it's more work but then you shouldn't need to be flashing BIOS's regularly (only to fix an issue you believe the new BIOS will solve).

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                                I have removed everything and I have tried to update again the BIOS having minimum configuration in my PC (MB, hard drive, optical device) but nothing happened. So I decided to try to return back to BIOS 0132 version using F7 BIOS Flash update...and it works. No I have 0132 BIOS back and I will take care on the future to no longer make another update until Intel will develop a software without issues. Thanks to everybody for help !

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                                  How will you know given these BIOS releases cover so many versions? Maybe the fact that you had the graphics card in the board had something to do with things and an upgrade from 0132 with a minimal system from scratch (and the BIOS settings at default values) will work? Then again, if the changes/fixes in 0146 are not needed on your board then it's best to wait for the next version (or the next still) which you can actually benefit from.

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                                    I will wait for the next version of bios, thank you for help !

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