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    WiDi with multiple displays



      I wonder if anyone can tell me if I can use one laptop to connect to multiple displays if they all have an Intel wireless display adaptor connected?


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          I have the same question, I am using a Dell XPS with a WIDI and want to connect a monitor through the DVI.  When the DVI is connected the WIDI is not recogonized.  Any Help would be appreciated.

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            You can only connect a laptop to one display at a time. I have a WiDi adapter connected to each of my TVs in my house and I am able to use my laptop with each TV at a time.

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              Shashi Jain

              On Intel Core-processor based systems with HD3000 graphics, you can connect one external monitor at a time in addition to the built-in LCD panel. The external monitor can be connected by WiDi or by cable, but not both at the same time.  Hope this helps.



              Intel WiDi - Applications Engineer

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                Contrary to this statement, I had 3 displays working with WiDi. Laptop screen, wired monitor, and WiDi. All these displays were extended (seprate) and worked fine. Until the new software and firmware update. Now I get a Microsoft Visual C++ runtime error when all three are connected due to the mouse pointer being enabled. Now i can no longer get the pointer working on the 3rd WiDi screen. I am quite annoyed that it worked fine before and the update screwed it up. It works fine with just 2 displays but not 3. Can anyone help me on this or is their any planning to support multiple displays in the future? It worked perfectly when I had it set up originally.

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                  I know this is an old thread, but I'm trying to get 1 laptop to connect to 2 displays.  You mentioned that you have 2 displays working.  How did you do it?





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                    Please refer to the following article:

                    Graphics; Configuration 3-Displays FAQ

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                      Thanks, Joe, for the link.


                      I read "How to enable 3 independent displays" and found the following:

                      "You must have 3 monitors connected to see all 3 dropdown menus."  These instructions sound like they're for cabled monitors.


                      I'm trying to connect 2 monitors through wireless.  Both monitors are available through the Widi software, but I can only choose 1 at a time through the software.  I tried naming the monitors the same, but it seems to be going by the adapter number.


                      Thanks again,



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                        Please take a look to the third question and the comprehensive table, just above the one you read: What three independent display configurations are supported?


                        Only one wireless display can be managed via Intel® WiDi, the other one(s) have to be wired.

                        I am sorry for any inconvenience.