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    DX58SO2 Having boot problems!


      I just recieved a warranty replacement of my Intel dx58so2 motherboard.  On swapping out motherboards I have run into problems with booting, when I turn power on al the case fans and processor cooler turn on, as well as LEDs on the motherboard, so there isn't a power issue.  I get POST code 14 and a H LED flicker, on pressing the reset button on the motherboard the POST code changes to 09 and the H LED turns on again. 


      What's in my computer:

      Intel DX58SO2 motherboard

      Intel i7 processor 2.93 GHz

      2 4gb Corsair 2000MHz RAM

      2 4gb Corsair 1333MHz RAM - Had no problems with this RAM configuration pre board swap.

      2.5TB HDD - Also no problems pre board swap

      120gb Sandisk SSD - Just purcahsed this today and put in with the board swap - Tried booting to old drives without the SSD, same issues.

      Corsair H80 liquid cooling - also got today, runs fine.

      750W of power.

      EVGA GTX560ti SC videocard. - Had for a month+ no issues.



      Harddrives are running, I can hear them spinning.

      Power button on the motherboard is RED

      The H LED flicker is blue

      Nothing AT ALL shows up on the screen, just says no signal. (Can't get into BIOs or anything)


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Feel free to ask questions.

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          first of all you should use parts that are natively compatible with your motherboard and processor. The RAM memory needs to have the Serial Presence Detect (SPD) for 1066MHz at 1.5v.


          The POST codes that you are receiving are part of the initialization on a normal POST sequence, so I recommend you to take your motherboard out of the chassis, using the Intel(R) provided Heat Sink, one RAM memory module, the power supply and the video card try to boot the system. Nothing else should be connected.


          Please note that the motherboards that are sent from the warranty return center are tested before they leave, so it is weird that you received a bad motherboard.