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    HELP! .mkv/ high resolution video playback interrupts/ lags



      i'm from germany, i apologize for my poor school-english, but there are no german support community.

      My problem: i tried to play 1080p/i videocontent on WMP/VLC (newest version) on my laptop it works great without any lags or interrupts, but if i connect to WIDI there are visible lags and interrupts on my TV and the audio is behind the picture.

      My system:

      - INTEL Core i3-2330M CPU @ 2,20GHz ( while videoplayback it's about 30% )

      - INTEL WiFi Link 1000 BGN  ( the WIDI adaptter receiving is very good )

      - INTEL HD Graphics 3000

      - INTEL WiDi version

      - Netgear Push2TV PTV2000 ( adapter firmwareversion )


      I used the Intel software to check the newest hardware updates, and the software told me i got the currents drivers.

      I hope you can understand me, i'm thanfull for your help. Thanks