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    Intel Driver help request


      Have Dell Inspiron 1150, inside is a wireless card, trying to find the right driver to get the wireless card to work. I had a nasty virus that caused me to reinstall OS and other drivers and the only one not working right now is the wireless driver. here is the details that are on the card.


      Pb Free

      Dell P/N: 0C9063


      MAC 0013CE53C98C

      REV A01

      Made in China

      IC 1514C-24BNHM

      FCC ID E2K24BNHM

      This is all the details I can find on the card. I have downloaded one driver from the dell site file name R155386 and when I attempt to run it the error message about this install is not meant for this machine pops up. Have also downloaded the intel pro 2200 driver but so far no success. Any help greatly appreciated.


      When I use the intel pro 2200 driver in the system settings of XP under device manager it shows the card as working, however nothing I do will allow the network card to see any networks. ANd I know the networks are there. Under the FAQ it says if driver shows as working and no networks can be found then you have a problem with the driver, most likely incorrect. So what is the correct one I should be using?