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    New computer build - need motherboard advice




      My first post. As the title reads, I am getting ready to build another computer. My last build was in 2006 (DP43TF w/2.13GHz Core2) and I have not kept up with the technology advancements.


      With the recent purchase of a BlueRay capable camcorder, my primary function will be editing videos. The desk top computer I have now is great for surfing the web, but it's not cutting it for editing videos.


      I have a preference for Intel brand motherboards with Intel processors.


      The form factor is ATX.


      Here is the direction I am heading, unless your advice suggest otherwise...


      Intel Core i7 Sandy Bridge Socket 1155 Platform


      This is where I need help, in selecting which motherboard to use. My biggest dilemma is whether to use a motherboard with embedded video or one that utilizes a video card. I'm not certain if a motherboard with dual video cards is an advantage; or overkill given my usage.


      Thanks in advance,


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          There is a lot of info on the web what a good system for video editing system should be. It depends mostly on how much do you want to spend :-)

          I have a 2600K CPU with the DZ68BC and the GPU inside is very good. Not good enough for the latest 3D games, but you might find it good enough for video editing.


          An Intel DZ68DB with a non-K i5 or i7 CPU may be a good option. If your not in a hurry, then you can even wait for Ivy Bridge CPUs + boards (expected in April 2012). The new embedded GPU is announced to be much faster and has improved video transcoding.


          Be aware that that some CPUs have a HD 2000 (6 executing units) GPU and others a faster HD 3000 (12 executing units) GPU inside.

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            I am looking at these boards and trying to make sense of each one and how well they will perform for editing videos.






            The reason I am asking here, there maybe other boards I might not have considered.




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              As already mentioned it depends on what you can afford. As video editing is very processor intensive, if you get the best you can afford then it'll be longer before you need to replace it or upgrade (although I'd stay away from the very top spec items as they attract a significant price premium). If it was me, I'd probably wait for the Ivybridge boards to appear as already mentioned. You may find a backup, format and reinstall (or backup and system reinstall from a factory recovery DVD if you have one) will give your old PC a new lease of life to keep you going until then.

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                I have spent a lot of time doing video editing myself and my biggest piece of advice is to get the highest performing storage subsystem that you can afford. Video editing can be *very* I/O bound. I thus highly recommend that you look at a Z68-based solution. This chipset supports Intel(R) Smart Response Technology, which allows you to utilize a fast SSD as a cache for a single drive or (better) RAID array, significantly improving I/O performance...


                Oh, and BTW, you missed the DZ68ZV, our newest Z68-based desktop board...