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    SR1600UR too noisy


      Hi all


      Have got two SR1600UR servers - first has been bought half year ago and has too noisy fans... (second one does not have this) It seems like boot speed always work on it...

      As far as i understand i should update SDR for it? Or BIOS and SDR and FRU together? Or smth else?



      Does "One-Boot Flash Update Utility for Windows" works on Windows Server R2 OS? (cannot see it in "supported OS")

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          Yes it's recommended to update using the latest firmware package, which includes BIOS, BMC, FRUSDR and ME. Yes the OFU supports Windows Server 2008 R2.

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            Thx for your answer!


            I have got several question about updating process:

            1. Should i update all "BIOS, BMC, FRUSDR and ME" to fix my noise issue or will enough to update only SDR?

            2. Should i update FRU and SDR or will enough to update only SDR?

            3. Is it correct that i should open chassis and look what fans present on the mb (i have got S5520UR)? (there is this point in the Updating FRUSDR (PDF) guide) Or i can answer "yes" on all question about:

            Q3: Does the system detect chassis intrusion?
            Q4: Does the front panel support a NMI button?
            Q5: Is CPU Fan 1 installed?
            Q6: Is Memory Fan 1 installed?
            Q7: Is System Fan 1 installed?

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              1. It depends. If you're already running the same BIOS/firmware version as the package, you can do SDR only. Otherwise update everything.

              2. SDR only should be fine

              3. The update utility should be able to detect your chassis automatically, so most likely you don't have to answer any of those questions.

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                Thanks for your answers!

                Update has been complited successfully and issue has gone!