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    Intel Mobile GMA965 video device failure


      Hi all, I'm having an issue with my laptop's onboard display adapter. Periodically, when coming out of sleep or hibernation mode, the video will flicker violently before locking up the computer altogether. I can see an icon appear in the system tray trying to alert me that there was a fatal video device error but I can't click on it while the computer behaves like this. Once when this happened, I just let it be and eventually, it threw up a BSOD but I was unable to get the name of the specific application that caused the issue (I only saw something like 'igp___64.exe' or thereof, I can't quite remember the specifics now).


      Another potential issue comes when watching stuff on YouTube. Sometimes the whole screen minus the mouse will freeze while watching a video. It will come back after letting it sit for awhile and it notifies me the Desktop Window Manager experienced some kind of problem. I'm not sure if this is a problem with the video device/driver or the OS environment, however.


      I've tried to research this issue but so far have been unsuccessful becuase I find it difficult to describe my problem to a search engine. So I'll just ask the community directly. One thing I'd like to say about my laptop is I replaced the display on it with one that can display a higher resolution than the screen that came with it (the original screen could only do 1280x800 but this one can do 1440x900). Both me and the Intel driver update utility know I have the most recent driver so a new driver to fix this would probably have to be a rollback.


      I can give you my specs but this error seems to be random so I can't give a crash dump unless it happens again:


      Model: Dell Latitude D630

      CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T7250

      Memory: 8GB

      Graphics Adapter: Intel Mobile Graphics Media Accelerator 965

      OS: Windows 7 Professional x64


      Any insight you might provide will be greatly appreciated. If nothing else, I just need a bit of direction on where to look for more information.