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    looking for driver north/southbridge for 4Core1600Twins-P35


      hi there.


      i'm looking for a driver for both, north and southbrigde for the above mentioned motherboard.

      the downloadsite from them tells me, there's vista. yeh.


      my question is, if there's any chance to find something for windows7, when taking

      - Northbridge: Intel® P35
      - Southbridge: Intel® ICH9

      from the specs in the manufactorers specs. or is it rly over with vista.


      the named one from the readme in the inf-download

      *  Product: Intel(R) Chipset Device Software
      *  Release: Production Version
      *  Version:
      *  Target Chipset#: X38 & 3200/3210 Chipset
      *  Date: July 26 2007

      pointed me to this site, but then i'm lost. i has no fricking idea, which family or whatever that board belongs to. which makes it also a bit difficult to find anything related, coz, well, let's say it this way ... the os installs, but in everest home there shows no entry regarding motherboard as description.


      on the other hand, concluding 2007/07 it's probably a lost cause?


      tnx in forward and regards,