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    Intel HD 3000 drivers hamper display calibration


      I have found that the Intel HD 3000 drivers on my system hamper calibration (and therefore profiling) of the display. Calibrating the display involves loading a specific color look-up table (LUT). Usually at login time, a third-party LUT loader will load the specific LUT. The Intel drivers, in certain situations, eventually reset the LUT to its default, effectively undoing the display calibration. This makes any color profile based on the calibrated LUT unusable.


      Steps to reproduce the issue:

      1) calibrate the display (usually with 3rd-party software)

      2) let the calibration software load the calibrated LUT

      3) leave the system idle long enough such that the display goes into stand-by mode

      4) take the display out of stand-by mode

      5) intel drivers reload the default LUT, undoing the display calibration


      Other ways to reproduce the issue (replacing step 3 above)

      - Make system changes such that Microsoft UAC kicks in.

      - Switch from a laptop integrated display to an external one, or vice versa

      - Start the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel (Ctrl+Alt+F12 on my system), then in Advanced Mode go under Display, Color Enhancement and just click OK


      Workaround I have found so far:

      A) Go to System Configuration (from Start menu execute “msconfig”)

      B) Go to the Startup tab and disable igfxpers.exe (I am still able to reset the LUT with the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel, if needed)

      C) Restart the system


      My Intel drivers version is, running Windows 7 64-bit.