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    D945GCNL video question


      Hi i have a D945GCNL desktop board and a geforce 8400GS graphics card.

      So, i want to enable the VGA  and use another monitor but when i go to the bios in the advanced configuration > Video Configuration > is only the option for using the PCI and not the default VGA. I get only the "AUTO" option and the PCI one, but when i connect the monitor there is not working.

      I updated the version of the BIOS but i still have the same options.

      So, what can i do?


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          If your board is anything like my (slightly newer) DG45ID that'll be because when you have a PCI-e Graphics card installed, the on-board graphics capability of the board is automatically disabled ie you can't use both at the same time. Some newer boards don't have this problem but you can check this aspect of your board out by having a read of its user manual.


          If you really want dual monitor capability, if it's only a clone monitor you want (ie bother monitors displaying exactly the same thing and your system treats them both as one), you could try a VGA splitter cable although these can be problematic with some setups and monitors, otherwise it would involve upgrading either your graphics card to a dual output model or even upgrading the motherboard to a current model (which of course comes with a lot of expense).