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    Help needed with SSD 80G 5.0V Engineering Sample


      I've bought this SSD as a refurbished item from a seller on eBay:


      ISN: CVEM8032005L080DGN
      SA: E26648-801
      Model Number: SSD 80G 5.0V
      Engineering Sample only.


      Using SSD Toolbox, the SSD is visible, but ghosted, and next to it I see "No Partition: Intel Ephraim-S 73.6 GB"


      There's no way for me to format it using this version of SSD toolbox (or the latest, newest version, 3.0.2)


      The seller told me I needed an old version of SSD Toolbox to  format it and get it ready to use. I don't know how to get that older  version or the number of the version I need and the "nice" seller won't  give me any detail on how to "fix" it.


      Can anyone give me some instructions on how to get the SSD ready to use ?


      I'm on a PC running Windows 7 Home Premium.


      Thank you !