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    Unable to save "Display Settings" on "Intel GMA 3100"


      First , greetings to all ! I'm new here !

      My problem...

      As the title says I'm using "Intel GMA 3100" with the lastest drivers on  Win 7 , and the problem is that I can't save the "Advanced Display  Settings". The colors on my monitor (Dell M992) are kind a  low/desaturated so I increased the RGB in "Video Gain" +45 for all of  them... > "OK" on that window, and I also saved that as my new  scheme... And everything is perfect until I start full-screen app like  game (BMW M3 Challenge for example) or turn my PC off and than turn it  on, those settings are resetting to their defaults . Even if I choose  my previously saved scheme and hit "OK" nothings happens.

          On the photo below they are as I want them.

      Advanced Display settings.png



      Anyone has this problem? Really weird ... The biggest problem is that I'm editing photos on my PC and I can't do that with the default settings, I have to change that every time ...  Also I have Kaspersky PURE and I'm sure my PC is clean...


      Can you help? Thanks!