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    i7 2760QM or i7 2640M for business and home use?


      I am about to buy a laptop and need to decide which CPU to get. I  use it only for business purposes but lots of multi tasking like word,  net browsing, etc. I do not play any games and barely watch any movies.  Also I want something which is future proof for at least 3-4 years...


      To be honest, I am more gravitated towards the Quad Core due to the following reasons:

      1.     I need something which lasts a huge while as I will not get a new  one for 5 years easily. Right now there are not many programs that use 4  ores but in 2-3 years, programs using 4 cores maybe commonplace. 
      2.     Also I checked that one with the 2640M has maximum of 8 GB RAM  that can be installed and the 2760QM has maximum of 16GB of RAM. More  RAM certainly will help as this laptop last longer.
      3.     The price differnce between the two is $160, which is not any issue at all as I have been saving for a very long time to get a new laptop.
      4.     One issue with the Quad core-clocking frequency is a little  slower in the Quad Core compared to the Dual Core. But the problem is  mitigated by the fact that the max turbo speed of both the processors is  same.
      5.     Another issue with the Quad core is it will drain the battery  much faster than the Dual Core. But again has no bearing on my case as I  never really use the battery. I just take it out, wrap it in paper  towel and keep it aside. I do not travel etc and I am usually plugged in  my office. The battery of my current laptop is still in pristine  conditions.


      could you please clear out/confirm the following doubts:
      1. the .4 ghz differnce 2.4 ghz quad core and the 2.8 ghx dual core  is mitigated by the fact that the max turbo speed of both is the same
      2. also is this hypothesis correct- that quad core is oriented  towards multitasking, even with single threaded applications, becoase it  takes on more RAM then the dual core and hence it makes it fatser.

      3. Is it worth upgrading to 2760QM from 2640M?


      Thanks a lot!


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          Your questions are answered as follows:


          1. As long as the processor is running in turbo boost mode, both processors should have basically same performance, but you need to take in consideration that the turbo boost usage is determined by the operating system and any running applications.
          2. The more cores the processor has the more the processor is designed for multi-tasking applications, however remember that the operating system is the one that determines which core to use for a particular task or program.
          3. That will depend on your personal needs, please check this comparison chart:


          The only differences I see are the clock speed, the number of cores, and the power consumption (Max TDP). Remember that the more cores the processor has, the more tasks it can perform at the same time.

          If you want recommendations on what processor to buy / upgrade to, I would suggest contacting any of the Authorized Intel® Distributors located at:



          If you are outside the United States, please access the following link and select a location, to find the closest authorized distributor: